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Improvizations Appoints New National Delivery Manager

Tara Martin

Phoenix, AZ - Improvizations, a Kronos®  Connect partner, announced today that Tara Martin has joined the company as National Delivery Manager, effective immediately.


Integrate with Kronos - a Dynamics interface out of the box

dynamics and kronos

If you are a Dynamics ERP user (well and of course a Kronos Workforce Timekeeper user) your life just got a little easier. 


Kronos Advanced Scheduler and Hospital Capacity Management


This topic is gaining more and more steam, and generating discussion in our Kronos Consulting practice. I was browsing one of my favorite presentation sites, Slideshare, and came across a deck on Hospital Capacity Management. To start, let's make certain we are talking about the same thing. Rene states that "The main objective of capacity management is to efficiently use the main physical resource of a hospital (beds) in order to provide excellent care to actual and future patients." She goes on to talk about patient flow and the complexity that is this subject.


The Third Option for Upgrading Kronos to Version 8

The puzzle that is a Kronos Upgrade

In the last post we talked about the main two Kronos upgrade options discussed at Kronosworks last week. There are good reasons to upgrade now and good reasons to wait for Kronos v8. Now I'd like to suggest that in many organizations the safest and most successful path to upgrade is...

Should I upgrade Kronos WFC now or wait for Kronos version 8?

Aron J. Ain, Kronos CEO, stop by Improvizations to say hello!

Kronos 8: Wait or Upgrade Now?

I cannot tell you how many times I was asked this question. In our booth, in the halls, at breakfast, everywhere! It seems that organizations are eager to be free of Java but aren't sure if they should wait that long to upgrade. Common themes were:

The Next Big Thing at KronosWorks 2014

KConnect partner CMYK resized 600

KronosWorks 2014 in Las Vegas is only 9 days away and those of us who have been to KronosWorks before and support the Kronos products are wondering what will be the "Next Big Thing" in the Kronos world this year.

Improvizations presents: The Gift of Time

describe the image

Years ago I was frantically trying to get everything done on a hot Saturday afternoon in Tampa. I'm sure you know the drill - working mom trying to squeeze everything in during the weekend, laundry, cleaning, dry cleaners, grocery shopping, you name it, I was doing it.


It's All in the Delivery - Delivery Manager

Improvizations is now hiring a Delivery Manager to lead multiple project teams. Does this sound like you? Read more on our careers page or download our job posting.
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Kronos and Denial of Service or Java error messages

Just a quick update to note that we have received several concerns about recent denial of services messages for hosted Kronos databases and wanted to direct you to our Kronos-fans user group for suggestions and workarounds. 

Are you a leader or a follower with your Kronos implementation?

kronos implementation audit

It takes guts to lead. It takes guts to follow. Remember when reviewing your Kronos Timekeeper or Scheduling implementation to give the team members with the seemingly crazy ideas a chance. They might just have the idea that saves the company $10M.

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