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It's All in the Delivery - Delivery Manager

Improvizations is now hiring a Delivery Manager to lead multiple project teams. Does this sound like you? Read more on our careers page or download our job posting.
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Kronos and Denial of Service or Java error messages

Just a quick update to note that we have received several concerns about recent denial of services messages for hosted Kronos databases and wanted to direct you to our Kronos-fans user group for suggestions and workarounds. 

Are you a leader or a follower with your Kronos implementation?

kronos implementation audit

It takes guts to lead. It takes guts to follow. Remember when reviewing your Kronos Timekeeper or Scheduling implementation to give the team members with the seemingly crazy ideas a chance. They might just have the idea that saves the company $10M.

Workforce Management Consultants Needed


The US unemployment rate continues its downward trend, and while that's good news for our slowly growing economy, that collective groan you hear just might be from people like me who are responsible for finding good talent.

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Kronos Testing - Who Needs Testing Anyway?

Timekeeper doctor

So why do we test a Workforce Timekeeper configuration? 

Are you a Kronos-Fan?

Pick Our Brain

Ever just need a quick answer to a Kronos-related dilemma? How do you assign a default accrual code to a new employee? What happens when you get an error reading badge data? Need a script to get firmware versions for each device in a report?

Who's going to be at KronosWorks this year? We are!

2012 11 11 14.23.36

Join Improvizations at KronosWorks 2014November 9-12 at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

Testing your new Kronos Configuration - A Blog Series


So you are implementing your Kronos application.  You've spent a lot of time working with your organization to ensure you have captured all the necessary information.  Your configuration is moving along swimmingly!  Your system getting ready to use and your change management and training plans are moving along.  What did you forget? Do you know your system will work as designed?  Did your configuration hit the mark? 

News from Kronos®: Kronos Technical Advisory and Upcoming Service Pack Release


As a reminder, Kronos released a technical advisory on 6/24/14 for Workforce Central® Suite v7.0. It's not a huge change; it simply changes the name of Workforce Operations Planner to Workforce Budgeting. This does NOT affect product functionality, but does change the user interface, and user documentation. The name change will be updated in the online help for Workforce Central beginning with version 8. If you can't find your Operations Planner - try changing your search to Workforce Budgeting. 

A final Kronos Basic Scheduler tool - Using Shift Templates


Over the last few blog entries, we introduced the schedule group and pattern template.  Hopefully these tools will be useful as you build schedules in Kronos Basic Scheduler.  

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