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Who's going to be at KronosWorks this year? We are!

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Join Improvizations at KronosWorks 2014November 9-12 at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

Testing your new Kronos Configuration - A Blog Series


So you are implementing your Kronos application.  You've spent a lot of time working with your organization to ensure you have captured all the necessary information.  Your configuration is moving along swimmingly!  Your system getting ready to use and your change management and training plans are moving along.  What did you forget? Do you know your system will work as designed?  Did your configuration hit the mark? 

News from Kronos®: Kronos Technical Advisory and Upcoming Service Pack Release


As a reminder, Kronos released a technical advisory on 6/24/14 for Workforce Central® Suite v7.0. It's not a huge change; it simply changes the name of Workforce Operations Planner to Workforce Budgeting. This does NOT affect product functionality, but does change the user interface, and user documentation. The name change will be updated in the online help for Workforce Central beginning with version 8. If you can't find your Operations Planner - try changing your search to Workforce Budgeting. 

A final Kronos Basic Scheduler tool - Using Shift Templates


Over the last few blog entries, we introduced the schedule group and pattern template.  Hopefully these tools will be useful as you build schedules in Kronos Basic Scheduler.  

How to Schedule Groups in Kronos - Let's Get Scheduling!


When we last met, we discussed how to build schedule groups, and how to assign employees to them. 

Using Schedule Groups in Kronos WFC To Efficiently Group and Schedule


So we finished our discussion on schedule patterns and hopefully there were some tips that you will find useful in your scheduling process. Another feature that most users don't take advantage of is schedule groups. This useful feature allows you to do two things, to group, and to schedule (hence the name...).

Kronos WorkForce Schedule Patterns - Let's Do More With Them!


In our last entry, we defined what patterns in Kronos WorkForce Basic Scheduler are, and started discovering what you can do with patterns. In this entry, we continue that conversation.

Optimizing Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Schedule Patterns

pattern8a 5pM F

So recently we introduced a series of blogs talking about how to get more from the basic schedule application in Workforce Timekeeper. In this entry, we will talk about schedule patterns. We won't be going through the basics of building a pattern, or applying a pattern to an employee's schedule. We are assuming you already know that. For now, here is a quick review. 

Getting the Most Out of Kronos Basic Scheduler - A Blog Series

Kronos Basic Scheduler

Would you like to get the most out of Kronos’ Basic Scheduler?

Getting the most out of Kronos' Basic Scheduler makes sense. The jump to the Advanced Scheduler is a hefty investment in money and time. By time, I am not just talking about the length of implementation; I’m talking about the major change management involved, including training and developing buy-in from your employees.

How to Help Solve the Problem - Problem Solving in a Kronos WFC World


So, what makes you wonder?  What makes you dig?  What gives you that itch?  You know, the one you just can't get rid of until a problem is solved or an answer provided?  In the WFC world, we all know about the IT guy that dives into the application looking for every bug that exists, then about ways to resolve it.  Like a terrier going after a gopher, they dive into a hole, digging through with relentless energy. 

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