5 Consequences of Ignoring Change Enablement in a Kronos Implementation

Toni Birdsong — Aug 2019

As our digital workplaces evolve, it has become crystal clear: Organizations don’t change, people do. Therefore, organizations that fail to focus on the people side of technology changes in the workplace will have to endure some consequences.

If your leadership team views Change Enablement as an optional part of a new Kronos implementation, that dated mindset could be costing your company money, people, and market share that may be impossible to recoup. 

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Got Data? How to Put Your Healthcare Workforce on the Right Trajectory

Toni Birdsong — Mar 2019

Merely saying the phrase Workforce Analytics conjures an image of suits in the C suite crunching mountains of data. Ouch, right? But when we talk about Kronos Workforce Analytics for Healthcare, we’re talking about people — specifically putting the right people with the right skills in the right work each day to maximize business outcomes.

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Kronos Advanced Scheduler and Hospital Capacity Management

Bryan deSilva — Dec 2014

This topic is gaining more and more steam, and generating discussion in our Kronos Consulting practice. I was browsing one of my favorite presentation sites, Slideshare, and came across a deck on Hospital Capacity Management. To start, let's make certain we are talking about the same thing. Rene states that "The main objective of capacity management is to efficiently use the main physical resource of a hospital (beds) in order to provide excellent care to actual and future patients." She goes on to talk about patient flow and the complexity that is this subject.

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Kronos Effective Dating (Part 2 - Workforce Scheduler)

Raymond Ney — Jun 2012

My last article (Part 1) outlined how effective dates impacted the employee record for Workforce Timekeeper (WTK) items. In this article I will discuss how the Workforce Central (WFC) system handles effective dates for those components that apply to a Workforce Scheduler (WFS) licensed employee.  First, let’s start with a scenario: 

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Fun with Cascading Pay Codes

Chris Flanders — Dec 2009

Kronos WFC v6.1 introduced the concept of "Cascading Pay Codes." And actually the logic of cascading pay codes was introduced a few versions back as a part of the Leave module -- the idea had so many possibilities that Kronos incorporated it into the main module of WTK.

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Working With Kronos Advanced Schedules - Multiple Shifts

Chris Flanders — Nov 2009

When you are building a schedule for an employee, it is often common that an employee will do multiple things during that period of time while they are working. For example (using hospital schedules), a nurse may spend the morning precepting another employee and the afternoon floating to another unit. Both of those are schedule transfers.

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Kronos Org Map Transfers and Priorities

Chris Flanders — Nov 2009

The introduction of schedules and the org map into Kronos Workforce Central Timekeeper provides an area of opportunity for your time transfers to be handle in a whole new way. (And you all read the previous blog entry on WHY you should do all transfers via the org map with schedules, especially in Kronos Healthcare, right?!)

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