7 Warning Signs Your Kronos Project Needs Change Management

Toni Birdsong — Aug 2019

Successful companies continually invest in new workforce management features to improve outcomes. But what if the people you've asked to use a new piece of technology fail to adapt? Would you know how to address the warning signs before your implementation project tanks?

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5 Consequences of Ignoring Change Enablement in a Kronos Implementation

Toni Birdsong — Aug 2019

As our digital workplaces evolve, it has become crystal clear: Organizations don’t change, people do. Therefore, organizations that fail to focus on the people side of technology changes in the workplace will have to endure some consequences.

If your leadership team views Change Enablement as an optional part of a new Kronos implementation, that dated mindset could be costing your company money, people, and market share that may be impossible to recoup. 

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What to Look for When Choosing a Kronos Project Manager

Jenna Ryckman — Jan 2017

Imagine you are about to board a plane. As you head for your seat, you overhear the pilot having a conversation with the flight attendant. “Well, actually, this is my first time flying a plane. Normally, I drive a delivery truck … but hey! They are pretty close to the same thing, right?” At this point, most of us, or at least those of us who understand the expertise and knowledge necessary to be a pilot, would run off the plane fearing for our lives. Although a somewhat drastic example, choosing an unqualified project manager for your Kronos Project is in many aspects like letting an unqualified person fly a plane. He or she will give it their best effort and may have many of the necessary skills, but they do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to make sure the project gets off the ground and lands without any organizational casualties.

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How to Succeed at Project Management: Building a Proper Foundation

Jenna Ryckman — Feb 2015

We never intentionally set ourselves up for failure. However, in the world of IT project management, new managers will often find themselves in the midst of a project doomed to fail, without fully understanding who or what went wrong. In order for any IT project to be successful, it must be built on a strong foundation. There are four key building blocks necessary to build a strong foundation for an enterprise IT project.

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Is Your Kronos Timekeeper Implementation at RISK?

Bryan deSilva — Dec 2013

So many risks in the Kronos™ implementation project -- so little time. Wikipedia identifies project risk as something that "can be defined as an unforeseen event or activity that can impact the project's progress, result or outcome in a positive or negative way." The question I have for you is:

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Is this Kronos Timekeeper build (implementation, change, upgrade) good enough?

Bryan deSilva — Oct 2013

I'm often asked when a team should move new features into Production. Or, how do you know that a Kronos configuration is "good enough"? This is a simple question that deserves a simple answer. I answer the question with a question. "Is it right?"

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What is Change Management for Kronos?

Bryan deSilva — Sep 2013

Change is constant. Right, we all know that. So what's the big deal? Firstly let's get some definitions down for this series as these topics cross one another all over the place.

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