Now Hiring! - Workforce Central Job Aids and Training Material

Raymond Ney — Jul 2011

On a recent venture when working with a Kronos customer we identified some questions on ownership, responsibilities, and some questions on delegation. These (fill in the blank) items come at a time when everyone seems to have opaque job or career visions. When implementing a Kronos Timekeeper system for the first time or implementing change in an organization, we all want to be successful! This article covers some of the finer points. Interested? Continue reading!

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Kronos Change Management; It's the Individual, Dummy!

Dwain Lambrigger — Jul 2011

The need for training is a sign of change. The implementation of Kronos Workforce Central is a great example of that. When managing change it is easy to focus on what is changing, the effect on the organization as a whole, and how vast numbers of employees will will make the change, however without a specific focus on how the change will affect the individual, the management of change can't be completely successful. 

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Kronos Training and The Bounce

Dwain Lambrigger — Jul 2011

When your Kronos training project starts to move away from the training plan, you are experiencing "the bounce."  As I am sure you are aware, changes can take on a life of their own, soon dominating the project and creating chaos. How can you stay flexible enough to accept the good change while trying to anchor yourself in the original plan?

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Where do you go to get out of a rut?

Dwain Lambrigger — Jun 2011

If you have spent any time in the Kronos training world, whether delivering or developing training, you have probably experienced a rut. What is it? Well, describes it as a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising. 

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Need to Know (what to know, you know?)

Dwain Lambrigger — May 2011

Part of the great challenge in building a Kronos Training Implementation...

is working with a customer to help them understand what they need to know. Commonly, Kronos will do this in a workshop at the start of the implementation. However, that workshop often takes place MONTHS before training can begin. It's really easy to forget things in that amount of time. By the time you start running a discovery, the customer has already forgotten a lot of the features they decided they were going to use.  

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What Do You Expect from Kronos WFC Course Participants?

Dwain Lambrigger — Apr 2011

We have spent a good deal of time talking about what the role of a trainer is in a Kronos Workforce training course. As I have said previously, I want to maintain an environment where learning can take place. I am responsible for everything in the classroom, from what I say to the materials provided, to the light and temperature of the training room.  That is on me. But what is on the participants?  What do we require in this contracted relationship we call a training class.  What do you expect of your participants?  What will you ACCEPT from your participants?  Two different questions... This may help you understand a little better.   

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How Adult Learners Learn Kronos Part IV: Black and White

Dwain Lambrigger — Mar 2011

When preparing to present a Kronos course, be it any flavor of Workforce Central (HR, Payroll, Leave, Attendance, Scheduler, etc.) it is important to remember what is on the line for your learners. Although learners often strive for the black and white, the yes and no; the checklist of topics if you will; the fact of the matter is that this type of learning doesn't not represent true understanding.

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