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2024-06-19 00:23:24

With so many features available, it’s hard to digest what is new and exciting. This guide leads you through Improv’s favorite new WFC 8.1.6 & 8.1.7 features in Platform, Scheduler, and Timekeeper.

Full details can be found in the Kronos Workforce Central Release Notes.


WFC 8.1.6

  • Validation on Rehire Date Change for Terminated or Furloughed Employees: The Workforce Central platform received an update to ensure that Background Processor totals are not duplicated for dates from the past when a hire date is updated. This simplifies onboarding in the event of bringing employees back after layoffs or furloughs.
  • Read-Only Access to System Settings: The Read-Only Access to System Settings feature allows system administrators to control how users can access system settings, limiting the chance of users self-sabotaging their settings.
  • Office 365 support: Workforce Central now supports Office 365, providing extended functionality options for creating worksheets and reports.

WFC 8.1.7

  • Time Period Profile: A Time Period Profile provides managers with the opportunity to create a list of specified time periods that are needed for selection in the time frame selector. System Administrators can create a time period profile for managers, and assign it to a user's display profile.
  • Apple OS 10.15 Qualification: Workforce Central supports Apple OS 10.15 (Catalina)


WFC 8.1.6

  • Ability to Use Advanced Sort as the Default Sort in Schedule Planner: This new feature provides managers with the ability to specify how employees are automatically pulled by default when Schedule Planner is opened. The Advanced Sorting function of this widget utilizes a location option, where employees are sorted into the Scheduler Planner based on the configured default for the determined location in an employee’s Location Profile.
  • HTML Staff Management widget: To operate within HTML, the Staff Management widget has been upgraded from Flash to an HTML component, eliminating potential loss of usability at the end of 2020. The Staff Management Widget now includes new Summary Views, Staff Management Widgets, and Detail Views.

WFC 8.1.7

  • Schedule Data Export for XLSX: A new global value allows you to set the maximum number of records that can be exported in the Scheduling Genies. The maximum number of rows of data that can be exported from the Schedule Planner to a spreadsheet is 200,000 rows. Before this enhancement, you could only export up to 65,000.
  • New Job Filter added to the Workload Planner: A new Job Filter was added to the Workload Planner that allows users to filter their jobs and see concise information about their roles.


WFC 8.1.6

  • Pay Code Restriction: The Pay Code Restriction feature limits access and allows system administrators to determine specified pay codes for specific operations and selected users.
  • Holiday Credit Eligibility enhancement: Holiday Credit Eligibility functionality has been enhanced with options including Qualifying Shift determination and Pay Code eligibility, giving managers control over how holiday pay is allocated.
  • 9/80 Pay Period Flexibility for 24-72 Hours: Time limitations between pay periods was expanded from 24 to 72 hours providing more flexibility to managers and employees.

WFC 8.1.7

  • Overtime Approval Enhancement: New Overtime Approval enhancements were incorporated based on user feedback to include Comment features related to the Time Window option within the Approve Overtime dialogs, appearance and user interface updates, and improved configurations of the manager timecard widget.

Bonus: Device Manager

WFC 8.1.7

  • Added Support for InTouch DX: New to Workforce Central 8.1.7 is the InTouch DX, Kronos' new, next-generation timekeeping device. This device includes features such as always-on time and date displays, simplified installation and setup requirements, wide touchscreens, and exclusive InTouch DX software.

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