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2024-06-18 23:42:40

When appropriately staffed, the Kronos Administrator position is one of the most potent ways to improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and optimize your system’s ROI. The position(s) should always be staffed with an individual experienced in Kronos or an outside consultant who can bring consistent value to your Kronos workflow. If you have knowledge gaps, here are 7 critical areas of expertise every Kronos Admin should possess.

User Display Interface

First impressions matter, especially when delving into a software environment. An experienced Kronos Admin will ensure that employees can easily navigate user interfaces. When creating the end-user display, the goal is to give each type of user the most concise yet complete view of the information. It’s equally important to remember that users' needs are dynamic with changes to workforces, regulations, and internal policies, requiring them to be flexible and receptive to new information.

Data Integration

Onboarding new hires, perfecting payroll exports, and monitoring external data exchanges all fall under the umbrella of data integration and are within the Kronos Admin’s domain. This flow of information is a constant work in progress that your Kronos Admin must tweak as new interface data is requested.   

Timeclock Functionality

Your employees rely on timeclocks to punch in and out for the day, ensuring they are paid correctly and on-time. Timeclocks are the beginning and end of your employee’s day, every day. Your Kronos Admin is the only person with the ability to make it a stress-free activity.   

Access and Permissions

Accessibility is the “Who, What, and Where” of the Kronos Admin’s job, ensuring that the right people have the correct information at the right location.   

Rules and Policies

Troubleshooting is the thread that connects all the changing regulations and policies that organizations are bound to run into year after year. While Kronos software is built to be flexible, every new feature requires detailed attention to arrive at the desired end state with no issues.  


Admins are continually modifying and creating a range of configuration changes, such as Pay Codes, Accrual Policies, Attendance Policies, Shift Templates, Schedule Patterns, then turning it into a consumable report for managers to track trends within their Navigator Workspaces. They are also the people on your team responsible for service pack updates that keep your system running smoothly — all critical responsibilities no one else needs to worry about.   

Change Management

Kronos Admins are lead trainers, walking through new systems with managers to set visions for future Kronos functionality. This includes maintaining a constant state of feedback, development, and testing. Admins are also taking on interpersonal challenges to explain why certain changes are necessary, making it essential for your Kronos Admin to be well informed and ready to meet roadblocks with solutions.

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