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2024-07-16 02:26:10

Are you currently a UKG Workforce Central customer preparing for a move to UKG Dimensions? If so, we know you’ve got questions—lots of questions. For example: What data will transfer? How will our business processes change? How do we create a Business Structure? What integrations do we need?

The answers to those questions—and many more—can be unveiled with a Dimensions Migration Assessment (DMA).

Improv’s DMA is a proactive engagement tool designed to prepare you for an efficient Dimensions migration.

A DMA Will Help You:

  • Build out your Business Structure (the backbone of Dimensions)
  • Determine what configurations you want to move
  • What new functionality your organization needs to implement
  • What risks need to be addressed before the migration process begins

The Improv Approach

The core function of a Dimensions Migration Assessment is to analyze your current processes and functionality needs and provide you with a clear analysis (and physical plan) that will make your migration as seamless and as successful as possible.

We Work With Your Team To:

  • Analyze and understand your current UKG Workforce Central configuration and uses
  • Review any manual processes
  • Understand your team’s desired core functionality, current pain points, and long-term business goals
  • Determine the migration path to UKG Dimensions including kick-starting your Business Structure and identifying what will/should migrate and core architecture needs to be in place on day one of the migration process.

How long will a DMA take?

Depending on the size of your organization, the modules you use, and your team’s availability, your assessment will typically take place over 3 to 4 weeks.

What's the DMA Process?

Observation & Analysis

The first step of a DMA will be an initial analysis of your current UKG Workforce Central configuration and usage. Applying a variety of tools, the Improv team will review how your team is using your system, what falls outside of best practices, and if there are any custom configurations or workarounds that may (or may not) translate well to Dimensions.

Knowledge Gathering

Once we have a good understanding of your WFC (Workforce Central) usage, our team will schedule a series of meetings over several days in which the Improv team will cover any questions found during the initial review, discuss pain points, gather wish list items, and discuss additional functionality in Dimensions if available. This process is highly flexible to accommodate resource availability and unique organizational challenges. The 60 to 90-minute meetings typically include HR/Payroll SMEs, UKG Administrators, IT, and department managers.

Business Structure Mapping

In addition to the module meetings, we will also assist your organization with insights on how to determine your Business Structure in Dimensions. This Dimensions function is like the Labor Levels and Organizational Map in Workforce Central. Establishing your Business Structures will be the first and most critical task in your Dimensions migration. Many organizations get caught up in defining their Business Structure, so let our team help you get started.

Findings Document & Review

Following our analysis, knowledge-gathering sessions, and a final review of your system, the Improv team, will compose and deliver a Findings & Recommendations presentation and report for your Dimensions migration.
Following this presentation, we will ask your team for critical feedback on our Findings Document. This will allow us to add any other pertinent information and ensure our Final Recommendations are as comprehensive as possible.

Final Recommendations & Roadmap

The final Recommendations & Roadmap presentation (and report) will include our insights on items that should be planned/addressed prior to starting your Dimensions migration. It includes a breakdown of components that currently will be migrated automatically versus those that will need to be manually set up in Dimensions and new features that would be beneficial to your organization. In addition, we will provide you with Dimensions best practices, a list of risks we see with mitigations, and final recommendations for your Dimensions Business Structure.

With the many variables in play with a Dimensions migration, we see the Dimensions Migration Assessment as a critical tool that will help your team confidently step into their next chapter of UKG Workforce Management.

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