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2023-12-09 22:19:44

Your Kronos project isn’t actually about Kronos. It is about everything Kronos impacts. Your Kronos application touches everyone in your organization. It impacts every business process, but does your Kronos application actually support your business goals?

Improvizations developed a process designed to evaluate if your organization has full utilization and alignment from your Kronos configuration and associated processes. It is called an Implementation Assessment.

Key Benefits

  1. Compliance
  2. User Adoption
  3. Performance Tuning
  4. Infrastructure Assessment
  5. Implementation Strategy
  6. User Adoption Assessment
  7. Upgrade Strategy

What is it?

The Improvizations’ Implementation Assessment is a process designed to help your organization identify if and where configuration gaps or weaknesses exist in your Kronos application. Our experienced team of consultants will assess your application’s current state: how you are currently using your Kronos application and it fully supports your overall business strategy and goals.

Most companies use less than 50% of Kronos workforce management software functionality. We are here to change that fact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Implementation Assessment look like?

Our team will conduct an on-site optimization assessment. The team of consultants will spend 7-14 days on-site with your team conducting interviews and analyzing the current state of your Kronos application. At the end of our assessment, we will present a findings document as well as a plan for your business’ best next steps.

Example Questions:

  • Are there complaints about what the application isn’t providing?

  • How much is being done manually instead of using the application?

  • What workarounds have been developed to make the system function the way a department wants it to function?

  • How many service tickets are open?

  • What isn’t working?

How do I know if an Implementation Assessment is right for us?

If you are preparing to upgrade, we always recommend an assessment to create an upgrade strategy that aligns with your current organizational goals.

If your system has recently gone live but your users haven’t fully adopted the application, an implementation assessment will validate training or functional challenges to user adoption.

If you are looking for an outside opinion on your Kronos application’s utilization. We are not trying to sell you anything. We work on the ground using a consultative mentality and a customer perspective, which means we make sure your software is working for you and supporting your business goals.

If you have used Kronos for many years, it is time to do some performance tuning and infrastructure assessment. Likely, you are not using all of the powerful new features implemented over the years. Fixing existing issues that your workforce has simply learned to live with will result in meaningful labor cost savings.

We work to deliver the experience you expect — an application that supports your workforce, your business strategy, and creates value for your investment. We make sure your Kronos application is working for you and never the other way around.

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