Should I upgrade Kronos WFC now or wait for Kronos version 8?

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Should I upgrade Kronos WFC now or wait for Kronos version 8?

Should I upgrade Kronos WFC now or wait for Kronos version 8?

Kronos 8: Wait or Upgrade Now?

I cannot tell you how many times I was asked this question. In our booth, in the halls, at breakfast, everywhere! It seems that organizations are eager to be free of Java but aren't sure if they should wait that long to upgrade. Common themes were:

Aron J. Ain, Kronos CEO, stop by Improvizations to say hello!

"When a major release of Kronos Timekeeper hits the streets it usually takes a few service packs to be safe enough for my organization."
And "... how long will that be?"

Well first, that sounds like just about any major vendor's software release of software. Why that happens is the topic for another conversation.

It seems many are interested in advice about this. I found myself speaking with one person at the booth and others would come by to eavesdrop, and then join in the conversation. This is a big deal. What are some questions for your team to consider?

Upgrade to Workforce Central Version 7 NOW

How old is your Kronos system? 

If you have Kronos Timekeeper older than version 6.2 perhaps you should move now as support is getting less and less available.

Do you have Kronos HR and Payroll?

If you have version 6.2 or earlier you can't get legislative updates or any kind of compliance updates.

Are you mid-stream in an implementation or upgrade project with your consultant?

Clearly in many cases one should stay the path to version 7. However, if your Kronos Workforce Central upgrade is in the Discovery phase, it is worth looking at the impact of a delay. We like to perform analysis early in the upgrade project to identify the best path to get from where you are to where you need to be. An important part of this Kronos Upgrade Studio workshop is to identify the ideal timeline given the organizational requirements and the Kronos product suite's constraints or benefits.

Wait for the Kronos upgrade!

So this is what my friends wanted to hear. What are the benefits of waiting? We talked about the reasons and various positions one might take on the subject. Below is a simple list. Thanks to all I spoke with in helping to generate these ideas. Please ask questions and provide other thoughts in the comments section below as I think this topic deserves even more consideration.

  • Without Java, implementation is easier. It will work seamlessly on all computers, tablets and other devices.

  • Without Java, Kronos implementation Change Management (CM) will be easier. The product is available everywhere and will look and operate more cleanly. I think of CM as including Change, Training and Communications. All three will benefit from Kronos version 8.

  • Budget can be pushed for a year.

  • Waiting allows an implementation that will last much longer without Kronos sunsetting the version.

  • We won't have to retrain the users for the changes in v8 shortly after a v7 upgrade

Please add your thoughts to the comments. Questions to answer include:

  1. What are my organization's IT or corporate requirements for Upgrades and how might that affect our process upgrading Kronos Workforce Central?

  2. How is the budget tied to our upgrade and are bonuses attached?

  3. How did our last Kronos upgrade go? Did we learn anything that will improve the process this time?

No simple answer? We recommend that you start preparing now. Read more next week about this important topic.

Are you preparing for an implementation or upgrade?

kronos implementationLearn the secrets from an IT Director and CIO about the most important things to not miss when upgrading or implementing Kronos.

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