APPROACH is important in Workforce Management Implementations

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APPROACH is important in Workforce Management Implementations

We believe...

  • In serious team engagement, throughout the project

  • In applying the CANI theory of continuous improvement to our Best Practices

  • In preparing the organization for the CHANGE that is to come

  • In doing the right thing, every time

kronos timekeeper project failureSo many consulting vendors say "we have a methodology", "we do this all the time", "we'll hit the ground running", "it's eeeeeeeasy", "We'll throw a lot of fantastic, experienced people at it and MAKE it happen for you. Trust me."

Customers deserve a more thoughtful approach

If we could always use Kronos or always use Stromberg, or always use Workforce AND always pick the right path without fully understanding our goals, risks and opportunities...

If we could always simply ‘implement' the software without realizing its role in the achievement of the objective...

But it doesn't work that way does it? The approach we suggest... One we're working hard at continuously improving... One we're working to document on this web our client engagement philosophy.

We Listen, We Engage, We Do What We Say

This is a continuation of the Improvizations vision (earlier blog link). There will be a series of blog articles and updates to the site over the next few months that explain the thought behind this phrase. Everything starts and stops with the management of CHANGE. It's the make or break, not tool, but attitude/approach to a project.

kronos implementation roadmap BLOCKs--We LISTEN to everyone and ask a lot of questions. Add this data to what we already know and we quickly create a high level outline of what you might call a "Roadmap" for the project. Some people call this Discovery. It's much more than that. We kick off the project with the through-line items that are often simply a project task to check off; Change Management, Strategic Project Alignment, Training Zen, Risk Avoidance and Mitigation planning. All start in the beginning and never are put to the side. Think of a big block map of the country you grew up in. You could use it to get from here to there, but it might take a while and you'd likely make many expensive mistakes along the way.

--We ENGAGE not just the small team who've been working on the project since it was just a thought, but a wide variety of employees, consultants and vendors. We like BIG TEAMS. We expand the requirements detail, capture problems and solutions from the field, work with Vendors and specialty consultants to build a serious roadmap with budgets and ROI, detailed Change Management and Risk Mitigation Plans, and flesh out the overall project Plan. To continue the Roadmap analogy, this is that AAA "Triptik" with some major construction highlighted to avoid and suggested paths to the destination. With this level of detail we can add in the creation of fit/gaps, vendor selection, training requirements and more. And depending on the expected timeline, even create interim solutions.

"And this is where most people stop the process and begin the implementation..."

kronos implementation stragegy garminWe disagree with that approach.

--How (what) do we DELIVER? A unique task we perform is "Strategic Reconciliation"... looking at all the related opportunities for integration and the creation of other projects, necessary projects! OR perhaps the termination of some we find that are now unnecessary. What's so great about this? It's knowledge of the landscape, the traffic so to speak, and shows the best way to get from HERE to THERE. Consider this the Web 2.0 version of the Google Maps on your personal Garmin with options showing the fastest and/or best way to your destination with traffic and weather avoidance showing up in real time. It of course also shows what sights to see near the path. Consider these unforeseen opportunities. This plan will re-route you the best way from wherever you end up for whatever reason.

We welcome you to the Improvizations way. Enjoy the trip.

Jeff Millard has written an introductory white paper on this subject. Watch this blog over the next few weeks for more.


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