Happy 2010 Kronos WFC friends

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Happy 2010 Kronos WFC friends

I hope you all find yourself recovered from the holidays and looking forward to the new year. Most of us are glad to see the last several years go away. "I'd like to forget them completely!" I've heard said. But we all know that with age should come wisdom so let's not forget to learn what we can from this period. In my mind, a few things are paramount:

  • Know who your friends are. We all need trusted friends and associates when times are tough. As a matter of fact, when times are tough, one finds out who ones friends really are.

  • Do what you say. Yes, it's part of the Improv tagline for our Kronos Timekeeper practice, and I believe it's more important than ever to consider this a vital 'skill'. Finish your commitments even if you change your mind or it no longer becomes fun. If you don't think you can do this, don't say it!

  • Work does not define who we are, but we are what we work. If you are not thrilled by the work you do, try to change your approach to it or please change your work. Everyone will be happier.

2010 looks to be a great year. Watch this space for more Vision items about Improv, learning Training Zen for Kronos WFC, Change Management & Best Practices, WFM Implementation Strategies, Kronos Configuration Tips & Tricks, and more.

In addition we'll start some conversations about our new "Tool Guru" initiative. His name is not Tim, but you'll be excited about the show!


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