Kronos Reference Aid Basics - What Makes them Valuable?

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Kronos Reference Aid Basics - What Makes them Valuable?

A reference aid is a one page, double sided document that describes the steps necessary to complete tasks in Kronos Workforce Central. The reference aid is designed to be used by employees on the job as needed. Often reference aids are posted in a common area for a group; for example, near a Timekeeper Terminal to be used by everyone in an area. Reference aids are also commonly pinned to a wall in a cubicle, or taped to a monitor. Though used in different places, the goal is the same, easy access.  

When developing a reference aid, the keys are to be thorough and brief. Cover all the steps necessary, but only words that are absolutely necessary. To help in this vein, it is strongly suggested that all steps start with action words. Think of driving directions; Turn, merge, yield, stop and go. Action words help the developer get right to the point. Phrases starting with action words are also easier for the reader to follow, and understand. 

Although used commonly in other deliverables, the use of real world examples is not suggested with reference aids. This type of information often clutters the message. Remember, the purpose is to convey the steps necessary to complete a specific task. In a similar manner, policies and procedures should only be used VERY rarely. Policies should only be referenced if they have a direct affect upon the step being described.

Are screen shots necessary in a reference aid?  Absolutely, but remember that they must be VERY specific. Don't show an entire screen when referencing just a small part of it. Screen shots should focus in on the areas described. Images must be extremely clear.  When necessary the areas being described should be highlighted, circled, or pointed to with an arrow. 

Finally, add a level of professionalism to the reference aid. Incorporate a company logo, then make sure the colors of the text, title, headers and background are all complementary to those colors. A color wheel is a great tool to help with these decisions. Make sure the fonts selected are clear. This is not a time to use a cute font that incorporates hearts in the place of apostrophes, and smiley faces in the place of periods! That being said, don't be afraid to move away from the basic Arial and Times New Roman fonts. Using a unique font will help to draw employee interest.  

Reference aids will be the most used deliverable in your Kronos training program. Every employee should have a copy, and employees will all access a posted reference aid. Go ahead and give your employees a paper copy of your reference aid, but if you post it in a common area, laminate it. Doing so will add a significant amount to the lifespan of this document.

So there you have it. Your Kronos Training reference aid should be thorough, brief and creative. Invoke action words as much as possible, and policies as little as you can. Make it professional, and make sure everyone has a copy, or has access to view one. Keep these in mind when creating your reference aid. Good luck with your development, and your entire Kronos Workforce Central training program. 


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