I Dream of Genies... Being Used. Workforce Genies that is

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I Dream of Genies... Being Used. Workforce Genies that is

The idea of a Genie, a being that could bring you whatever you wished for, is a pretty cool idea.  Let’s think about it from a Kronos Workforce Central point of view for a minute. What information do you wish to see as soon as you log in to Timekeeper? As a Shift Leader, you may want to see shift information; Schedulers would like to see schedule information; Managers, those shift exceptions as soon as the shift is over. Different people have different wishes. Kronos Genies allow these information wishes to come true.

Different groups of people, via Display Profiles, can have different Genies. Most importantly, each group can start by having a different Genie displayed as soon as they log in. Too many implementations that I see after they are already up and running, start with the standard QuickFind Genie (did you know these too can be modified?). QuickFind is nice, but it is singular in its focus, it does not tell you anything right away. When managers log in, they want to see useful information on all their people. in front of them, right away. Make it meaningful, save your managers’ time, give them something they can act on as soon as they log in. Let your Genies grant their wishes!

Wish you can get that Genie information into Excel easily?  That wish is already yours to command ...


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