Kronos Training Projects: What To Do When There is Nothing To Do?

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Kronos Training Projects: What To Do When There is Nothing To Do?

Kronos Training Projects: What To Do When There is Nothing To Do?

During implementation projects, we, as training implementation gurus often have to wait. Whether it is for a configuration to be competed, an interface, or just because of customer driven politics, training gets stalled. What can we do when there is nothing to do? 

Well, first, FIGHT THE URGE TO GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT. Don't sit back and stagnate.  I know there are other things you can do, like clean your work area, take the car to get the oil changed, or get fluffy a haircut. I am talking about what you can do with the customer. There are several things. 

Work on Your Deliverables -  Start working on a deliverable as if you were going to present it to the customer. Even though configuration isn't ready, write the steps, create the look and feel of the document, or fill in the policies and procedures that you know about. Get that Kronos training going.  Do everything you can on the deliverable while you are waiting. You may not be able to bill all of these hours, but it's better than doing nothing.

Plan, Plan and Then Plan - Review your training plan. Understand how the hold up will affect your work, and communicate that to your customer and your project managers. Update the plan and send it out. I have found it is helpful to note in the e mail message itself issues that are significant, then ask the customer to review the plan again. Finally, memorize that thing. Know every date. Know every deliverable. The time you have is precious, so don't waste it. 

Tighten Up your Information - Go back through any and all information you have on the customer, meeting notes, to do lists, discovery data, et al. Check it out. Clean up anything that doesn't make sense. Review the information and think of ways you can make it better, not just for this customer, but for future projects. If you have questions, now is the time to ask them. Do you have the most recent configuration documents? No? Get them. Now is the time. 

Keep the Lines of Communication Alive - It is easy to walk away from a customer project on hold and fill your time with other projects. Even though the24 Nothing2Do 02 project on hold doesn't require as much time, it still requires time. Weekly meetings must continue, even if there isn't as much to talk about. 15 minutes a week can do wonders to keep your finger on the pulse of the project. Keep in touch with as many members of the project team as possible, if only to ping them for updates. By keeping in touch, you not only get information on a regular basis, you let the customer know that they are important to you, and that you are aware, if not working on the project.  

See, it's amazing how much there is to do with there is nothing to do!  Good luck with your training implementation.




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