Using Your Attestation Tool to Enhance Contact Tracing

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Using Your Attestation Tool to Enhance Contact Tracing

Using Your Attestation Tool to Enhance Contact Tracing

You've got masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer strategically placed and social distancing protocols down to a science. Still, worries that your workforce stays virus-free continue to keep you up at night. Here's some good news for Kronos users: You can configure your Attestation tool to enhance safety efforts.

Kronos Contact Tracing  

Contact Tracing is the process used by health departments to identify the people with whom COVID-positive individuals may have come in contact. The process allows healthcare providers and businesses to determine which individuals may need to monitor their health more closely or quarantine.

Kronos has developed a Contact Tracing tool for the workplace. The Contact Tracing tool allows managers to enter the ID number of an employee who tests positive for COVID-19, locations he or she has been, and the date range. The system then generates a list of employees who were in the same location/s as the infected employee. The data can then be used to alert others of exposure. Depending the version of Kronos you use, you can inform employees via mobile (Workforce Dimensions) or email (Workforce Central). 

Attestation Prompts 

The Kronos Attestation tool gives employees the ability to confirm (or "attest to") timecard information. Typically Attestation is used to add meal breaks, health information, or other timecard changes. 

But that’s not all. There's a new way to use Attestation to improve Contact Tracing that works in conjunction with the existing Kronos Contact Tracing tool.

Here’s how it works. When employees punch in, managers can assign Attestation prompts, which are COVID-related questions designed to assess the employee’s health status before starting his or her workday.

The Virus is Coming!

Potential questions:

  • Have you taken your temperature today? What is your temperature? 

  • Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 24 hours (fever, dry cough, loss of smell, exhaustion, sore throat, shortness of breath)? 

  • Have you recently returned from traveling? 

  • Have you been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19? 

For example, if a company requires employees to take their temperatures before clocking in, answering “Have you taken your temperature today?” answering “No” would prevent the person from clocking in until he or she could verify their temperature.

Answering  “Yes” would move the employee on to the next set of questions. If someone answers “Yes,” managers can also configure Attestation to add time to  timecards to ensure they are properly compensated for time spent with the Attestation questions.

Setting up custom Attestation questions is a smart way to improve Contact Tracing and keep employees healthy. After all, your company — and it’s future — is only as healthy as the people you employ. 

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Not sure how to optimize your Attestation or configure your system for better Contact Tracing? Improv can help, let's chat.  

Check out our recent webinar where we go deeper into COVID-specific scheduling best practices.  

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