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Badges: Could Supply Chain Issues Impact Your UKG Timekeeping?

Badges: Could Supply Chain Issues Impact Your UKG Timekeeping?
UKG Timeclock Badges

Supply chain issues are no joke these days. In fact, several of our clients are having issues getting employee badges, which happen to be a critical to the UKG Timekeeping equation. As economic shifts continue to impact the supply chain, what can you do to ensure your badge supply is secure?

Here are a few proactive ways to steer clear of a badge shortage and all the subsequent issues it can cause.  

  1. Establish Plan B. We all enjoy working with familiar vendors and getting what we need with one click. However, it may be time to find a backup supplier. Doing this would be the easiest way to secure your supply and give you peace of mind. Still, there are a few things you need to verify as mentioned in the next two points.
  2. Confirm Badge Format. Confirm your new vendor can produce your badges be in the exact same format. Using two badge formats on the same clock is not ideal. Using multiple formats could cause future issues such as a UKG requiring a badge test if your badges do not work at your current clock.
  3. Confirm Badge Numbering. This is an important, albeit often overlooked, detail. Confirm that your new supplier follows your badge numbering system strictly. Remember: Each employee badge needs to be unique. Identical badge numbers cannot be entered into employee records if someone already has that number. Make sure your new supplier is willing to give you the next sequence of numbers and do not repeat what you’ve assigned to people. Correct badge numbering in the UKG ecosystem is a big deal.
  4. Go the Manual Route. There are always other options, and one is to go manual until your preferred badge vendor is stable. You can configure your clock to allow manual entry of badges and then assign each employee a unique number. Please note: This is not a recommended solution unless you are also using biometric verification. This can lead to buddy punching if one employee gives their badge number to another employee.
  5. Turn on Timestamp. Another option is to turn on Timestamp so the employee can punch in at a workstation.This is relatively easy to configure in your current system and could be a bridge option until you can get more badges.
  6. Implement UKG Mobile. Another option is to rely on theUKG Mobile Application for your time clock. However, if you currently do not use UKG Mobile, there’s no flipping a switch to get it rolling. Firing up your UKG mobile application may look and sound simple, but there are a few important things to consider. Employees will have to install and set up the UKG application on their phones, and your IT department will have network considerations to factor in before going mobile. Also, geo-fencing will have to be set up so employees can only punch in within specific IP address ranges.

Who thought a little piece of plastic could wreak so much havoc on your Timekeeping process? Hopefully, your supplier is running on time. However, if you see signs of trouble or are already stressed about delays, it’s good to know you have some solid options in hand.

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