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What was my Kronos Timekeeper password again?

What was my Kronos Timekeeper password again?

What is my Kronos Timekeeper password again????????

Crud, I forgot my Kronos Timekeeper password again. I hate that. My IT department thinks is it so smart. They force me to change my Kronos password every 60 days. Like somehow this is going to protect our system. I mean I used to be a creative guy, but I will admit that even my passwords are getting lame. They no longer have the same meaning that they did a few short years ago. Do you remember when you used to think really hard about a password. Now how many do you have? 20? 40?  50 different passwords? Heck most people I know stopped changing the main password and either increase the number at the end, or use the same password for all their applications.


Kronos has a few methods of dealing with passwords. Out of the box they have the Kronos method, a proprietary Username/Password combination that is assigned and used within Workforce Central. This works well and you can create security settings to force a password change every so many days. You can also require the passwords to have a minimum length, or a special mix of characters, and to stop users from reusing previous passwords. I would just hate to be the person getting all the calls a week after password change day, you know when everyone logs in and realizes that they forgot their "new" password.  That person is BUSY! Last year we had to set up a system logon in Workforce Central for them and guess what - all they could do was reset a password. How exciting!

If you use the same username as your network one, Kronos actually lets you use your network password. The system does not actually store your network password (‘cause it changes), but it verifies the combination of username and password against your network when you logon. It can use NT authentication or LDAP authentication to do so. Actually depending on how your network is setup – your userid can even be your employee number.

Kronos can even use single signon – then you don't even need to enter a password.

The later versions of Workforce Timekeeper allows different people to use different kinds of authentication (password checking), so not everyone needs to do it the same way. This was not true a few years ago, when we needed a separate server for each type of authentication.

And the latest versions – heck they will let you change your own password if you forget it as long as you can answer a few security questions….. Maybe that IT person is finally going to get a break.

Now where did I leave my glasses????


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