Creating a Healthy Kronos Upgrade Environment: [Infographic]

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Creating a Healthy Kronos Upgrade Environment: [Infographic]

Although each Workforce Management implementation has its own unique needs and requirements, WFM projects share certain commonalities: they are complex, require detailed strategy and thoughtful change management. Failure can have catastrophic consequences across an organization. With Kronos Version 8.0 being released, it is time for many organizations to start considering an implementation or upgrade strategy. Strategic planning at the outset of the implementation saves time and money while increasing the likelihood that expected benefits will be delivered on time and on budget. 

One of the most important factors of a successful Kronos upgrade is the corporate environment in which it takes place. It is essential that organizations understand all of the elements necessary for fostering a healthy project environment when corporate culture and a workforce management project collide.


For more best practices, download our whitepaper "Successful WFM Implementation Strategies." 


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