Kronos Analytics in Higher Education: Interpreting the Data

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Kronos Analytics in Higher Education: Interpreting the Data

Kronos Analytics is proving to be a game changer in multiple different industries. The Kronos Reporting and Analytics functions of version 8 are more visually compelling and full of actionable insight. The new layout implements improved navigation to allow for easy accessibility of data. There are integrated features from MicroStrategy’s 9.4.1 platform, along with geospatial visualization. It is no longer enough to simply see a dashboard with predictive analytics; the new analytics feature is prescriptive, responding to violations and situations by sending alerts and changing schedules accordingly, without any input of a manager. Time and cost effective, prescriptive analytics allow managers to focus on tasks beyond labor analytics. All these features and more are revolutionizing the way Higher Education collects and interprets big data.

There are three main types of data collected in thefield of Higher Ed. 

1. Financial: Data on how and where financial resources are being used. 

2. Student: Data revealing the success rate of students within a university. 

3. Workforce: Data revealing trends within the university's workforce.

Universities and colleges need to ensure that each individual type of data does not exist in a silo. It is crucial that all three types of information be brought together to create a bigger picture. Starting on a high level with the big picture and then drilling into the details to find the cause is the best method for identifying trends and solutions within the data. The analytics dashboards allow users to identify resource allocation problems. The shareable info graphic below depicts how Kronos Analytics in Higher Education can help universities and colleges use big data to make successful workforce decisions. 


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